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Markus Augustsson

Head of Equity Research

Telephone: +46 (0)76-235 03 20



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Caroline Berglund

Strategic Business Manager

Telephone: +46 (0)73-382 10 82



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Bengt Furberg

Medical Expert


Analysis, NeuroVive: Orphan drug portfolio growing up

27 Nov 2018

Read the full report (Swedish) here.

Analysis Mytaste Group: Strong 3rd but will Q4 be a new record?

26 Nov 2018

Mytaste Group delivered solid growth during Q3. Christmas shopping is likely to be the driver of Q4. Read...

Analysis Fastator: Still significant discount on NAV

23 Nov 2018

Read the full report here. (Swedish)

Analysis MaxFastigheter: Good earnings and new projects

22 Nov 2018

Read the full report here. (Swedish)

Analysis Amasten: Constructing new values

21 Nov 2018

Read the full report here. (Swedish)

Analysis Redwood Pharma: Heading towards phase II-trials

19 Nov 2018

Redwood Pharma is taking the important step in to a clinical phase II-trial. Read the full report here....

Analys Cortus: Seaching for money to finish up in Höganäs

15 Nov 2018

Cortus Energy is looking for new money to support the finishing of the 6MW installation in Höganäs. Read...

Analysis, Follicum: Hair to stay?

15 Nov 2018

Read the full report (Swedish) here.

Anders Elgemyr in DiTV: “Opportunity to purchase SAAB shares”

15 Nov 2018

Anders Elgemyr, CEO of Jarl Securities, appeared this morning in the morning show...

Analysis Nobina: New goals for the transportation company

15 Nov 2018

Nobina has set up new goal after stabilizing its results. Read the full report here. (Swedish)

Analysis Aspire: Beats expectations

15 Nov 2018

Aspire delivered revenues as well as profitability above our expectations. We adjust our estimated for...